4th Hodgdon Cowboy Manual

New Cowboy Action Data Manual - 4th Edition

Hodgdon's complimentary Cowboy Action Data Manual is the only manual available that was prepared for the sole purpose of Cowboy Action Shooting. The data includes the following:

• New Triple Seven data

• Smokeless pistol, carbine, long-range rifle and shotgun data

• Pyrodex® pistol, rifle and shotgun loads

• Cap and ball revolver data

• Pyrodex Pistol Pellets data

Included with the data are special tips, techniques and loads to make your Cowboy Action Shooting safer and more enjoyable.

For a complimentary copy of this data manual, contact Hodgdon Powder Company at P.O. Box 2932, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201, 913-362-9455 or www.hodgdon.com.

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