There are many good handbooks available giving the basics of reloading and the beginner should study one or more of them before embarking upon his new hobby. We are assuming that the user of our data manual knows the mechanics of reloading and simply needs a supplement to help him find a good load using the components available to him.

By revising our shot-shell data often, we hope to keep fairly well up-to-date with the rapidly changing array of components offered by today's consumer-oriented manufacturers.

Bob Hodgon and his very happy companion pheasant hunting.

YY arnings NEVER Exceed the Loads Listed in This Publication

The data in this manual was developed in the Hodgdon Laboratory under controlled conditions. No data shown in the ensuing lead data section should be used with steel or Bismuth shot. NEVER substitute components when loading shotshells using this data. Substitution of different components could cause excessive or dangerous pressures, which could damage or destroy your firearm or cause serious personal injury or even death to the user and/or bystanders.

The format provides a convenient presentation of all components used for a given set of data. Loads are listed alphabetically by case type and then alphabetically by primer type with each set of data. In addition, each set of components is shown in even velocity increments corresponding to the old Dram equivalent velocities. This allows the shooter to choose loads similar to factory loadings.

After choosing an appropriate load, be sure to weigh actual charges thrown by the bushing or charge bar. No bushing or charge bar throws the exact charge as listed in the tables. Such changes occur because of small tolerances in bushing sizes, tolerances in bulk density of powder, and the way each loader is mounted and operated. It is important to verify these weights for safety and to insure getting the type load you want.

Since Hodgdon Powder Company has no control over variations in components, reloading tools or reloader's procedures, the individual is solely responsible for any changes in ballistics that may occur using this data.

Damascus barreled shotguns should NOT be used with any powder due to their weak construction. Barrel rupture may result in injury or death to the shooter and/or bystanders.

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