Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality propellants, other products, and services to sportsmen, governing units, and other businesses in a manner which enhances the quality of life for our stockholders, employees, customers, associates, and suppliers. In doing so, we will deal with integrity and honesty, reflecting that people are more important than dollars and that our purpose is to bring credit to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Contents page

Introduction 3

Hodgdon Usage Chart 4

Powder Descriptions 5-6

Properties and Storage of Powder 7-10

Rifle Data 11-25

Pistol Data 26-33

Shotshell 34

Shotshell Chilled Shot Table, Reference Powder Table and Shot Diameter Chart 35

Shotshell Bushing Charts 36-37

Shotshell Wad Chart and Notes on Recoil 38

Shotshell Data 39-73

January 2002

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