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Bulletproof Home Defense is a complete blueprint for the complete beginner, as well as the seasoned pepper, to help you achieve bulletproof protection against looters, rapists, thieves, thugs, desperate mobs or even armed paramilitary groups. And it's probably the only reliable resource for practical, real-life home defense strategies, that are devastatingly effective, compared to the hear-say and second-hand advice that plague many preparedness resources.Bulletproof Home Defense'' program gathers the collective knowledge of the ultra-peppers through countries devastated by war. The tactics inside the Bulletproof Home Defense program are proven to work, as they underwent the only test that matters: real war. If they worked in places like Egypt, Somalia or Afghanistan, you can be sure that they will work in the US, in the roughest of times. This product uses simple words, and all of the ideas are very well-organized when it comes to the Bulletproof Home Defense book. Another spectacular thing about the Bulletproof Home Defense program is that Steve Walker has made it available in three different purchase options: physical and digital product, physical product only and digital product only. with the complete money back guarantee that product provides its best to believe that the Bulletproof Home Defense course is a risk-free choice. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best e-books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

S. Coon Black Powder Percussion Burglar Alarm

Percussion Cap Powered Pistols

Before the percussion cap was invented few guns were made simply to sound an alarm. The percussion cap brought with it many small and simply made burglar alarms. Nearly all were made to be fastened to a door jamb or window sill, to fire when door or window was opened. When the door or window moved it tripped a spring-backed hammer which exploded a cap. The invention of the small rim-fire and pin-fire cartridges brought out quantities of even more simply made burglar alarms, which operated essentially the same as the percussion cap alarms. The two little burglar alarms in figure 93, which shoot .22 blanks, are probably the ultimate in simplicity. The two are alike, but one is shown set for use and the other in fired position. The one at the left has its hammer held by a protruding bit of metal, while the one at the right has had its hammer nudged aside so the cartridge held in the rounded end of the metal plate has been struck quite violently. These devices sold at wholesale for a...

Reading These Safety Rules Will Save Your Life Or The Life Of Someone Else

HOME SAFETY iS PROBABLY YOUR BIGGEST CONCERN, We suggest a gun lock such as Master Gun Locks, Tiiey work on most firearms and are available in gun shops and sporting goods departments. For more information write Master Lock Company, P.O. Box 10367 Milwaukee. Wl 53210, You have Invested this much in your new firearm, now irvest a little mare in your family's safety,

Eaa Model Izh35m .22 Lr Target Pistol

HOME SAFETY IS PROBABLY YOUR BIGGEST CONCERN. We suggest the following gun lock Master Gun Lock. It works on most Firearms and is available in gun shops and sporting goods departments. For more information write Master Gun Locks Master Lock Company, P.O. Box 10367, Milwaukee. Wl. 53210. After all you have invested this much in your new gun, now invest a little more in your family's safety.

Warning And Instruction Manual Please Read These Instructions

Loading Cartridges Into The Magazine

HOME SAFETY IS PROBABLY YOUR BIGGEST CONCERN. We suggest a gun lock such as Master Gun Locks. They work on most firearms and are available in gun shops and sporting goods departments. For more information write Master Gun Locks Master Lock Company, P.O. Box 10367, Milwaukee. W 53210. You have invested this much in your new firearm, now invest a little more in your family's safety.

Eaa Model Izhk Side By Side Cocking Hammer Shotgun

HOME SAFETY IS PROBABLY YOUR BiGGEST CONCERN. We suggest a gun ock such as Master Gur. Locks. They work on most firearms and are available n gun shops and sporting goods departments. For more information write Master Gun Locks Master Lock Company. P.O. Box 10367. Milwaukee. Wl 53210. You have invested this much in your new firearm, now invest a little more in you- family's safety.

Russian Repeating Rifles

Most unusual flashlight ever made Has world Observatory type reflector 4, i in sl .e. 2. , Mile signal range. MOST POWERFUL IN WORLD ja horn during war for extreme signal bull's-eye on water. Now adapted for night hunting, fishing, boating & burglar p ruler Hon. 6 CELL CREATES 25 CELL POWER More vol is phis specially developed reflector with Atom - Vapor coating boosts light power over ft times other bin lights. Custom made not like usual production job. Batteries last twice as long since hi-voltage, not amperes, used for extra power.

Accidental Discharge Failure of the safety mechanism

Case example Weapon accidentally fired killing a burglar. Being awakened by the sound of breaking glass, the house owner armed himself with an old double-barrelled shotgun. On confronting the burglar, a fight ensued during which the house owner was violently thrown back against a door frame. At that stage, the weapon discharged, removing most of the burglar's head. The house owner claimed that the weapon was in the safety or rebound position and that the gun had discharged accidentally on the weapon hitting the door frame.

The primary German service weapon during World War II


German VG 1 (VolkssturmGewehr 1-People's Assault Rifle). This is a nude short rifle manufactured with the intention if issuing it. to civilians for home defense. Picture shows left side view with bolt partly retracted. The magazine is the ten shot detachable box used on the Kar. 43. The rifle itself is a turn bolt design.

Italian Pocket Automatic

Imported direct by us from Italy's finest gun manufacturer. Trim, compact weapon tires powerful and easily obtainable .25 Cal. American made ammo. These are brand new automatics with original factory blue finish. Makes excellent plink-iiin and home protection weapon. Fixed sights. Weight approx. 13 ok. . 6-shot capacity. 19.95.

Dedicated Forend Weaponlights

Recommended for law enforcement applications and civilian home defense. Designed to fit most popular combat rifles and carbines. Dedicated Forend WeaponLights replace the weapon's original forend and include a shock-isolated tactical light and switches that are cleanly integrated within the forend.

Versa Vault

Smith And Wesson Versa Vault

The Smith & Wesson VersaVault is the personal security device that offers owners quick accessibility to secured firearms and other items. An owner-programmable and user-friendly lighted four key pad offers more than 65,000 combinations to provide the highest possible degree of security available through the application of electronic and mechanical technology. A unique internal holster presents a firearm for rapid response in any situation.

Case Notes

Ferrozine Used Palm

In the act of drilling a door lock and when approached, he fled, leaving his equipment behind. This equipment consisted of a motorcycle starter motor with a drill chuck attached to the spindle. This was driven by a battery held in a shoulder bag. A suspect was eventually located some 4 hours later, and when his hands were sprayed with the ferrozine reagent, a perfect imprint of the castellated chuck was observed. He denied all knowledge of the burglary incidents, passing the chuck mark off as from a drill at his home. Fortunately, the chuck on the starter motor had half of one of the castellations missing, which matched perfectly with that on his hand.

To Err Is Human

FBI examiners subsequently verified the identification. The court also appointed an independent examiner, not employed by the FBI, to examine the fingerprint, and he agreed that the fingerprint belonged to Mayfield. It should be pointed out that the database includes not only criminals but also anyone who has ever served in the military or worked in law enforcement or a security position. In this case public records show that Mayfield was arrested for burglary in Wichita, Kansas, on December 22, 1984, in addition to having served in the army.

Fighting Shotguns

Mil Spec 3443 Testing

I keep a close watch on what sells in my hometown in Arizona, and what sells in the home security market are Mossberg pump guns. For several years, the fully tricked out mil-spec Model 590 with its heavy-walled barrel, metal triggerguard and safety, perforated heat shield, M7 M9 bayonet lug and speed-feed stock was the rage. I'm sure its similarities to the classic Winchester Model 97 trench gun was its real appeal, but buyers soon discovered the full-dress mil-spec was a bit on the heavy side to lug around unless you had the access to a Humvee or mule.

Shotgun Shell

Set guns are a dandy way to protect yourself and your property. Correctly rigged, they can kill or malm an intruder , and, If you are around, announce the Intruder's tresspasses. If push ever comes to shove In our uncertain future, set guns will provide c eap, (they can be improvised) reliable, and effective insurance for a broad variety of security problems. For the present, they must be used with the greatest discretion. The authorities and their minions frown upon the use of firearms In general and set guns in particuiar- Juries have been known to award huge sums to burglars who were maimed in the process of breaking into or looting the home of a set gun user. The gun Is being.increasingly portrayed as a villan in our society by those who wish to ban them, and the use of set guns has decreasing sympathy with juries. The main fly tn the ointment with the set gun Is the gunshot wound which Is proof In Itself that a firearm was used with the EYE POPPER, the Jury has only the burglar's...

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