Muffled Attempt

With a bit of drilling you can turn an ordinary replacement muffler for your small lawn mower into a very good silencer. After all, what is a silencer but a muffler? Buy the muffler at a busy farm and garden shop.

Because many of these mufflers are designed only to trap gases and not to have a projectile passing through them, they often do not have straight-through openings. Using the proper size bit to match the caliber of the pistol or rifle you will use with this silencer, drill a straight hole the entire length of the muffler.

To mount this unit, you may need to remove the front sight from your weapon, or you can choose a gun with the sight set back far enough for the muffler to mount in front of it.

Wrap the end of the barrel with electrician's tape to create a mounting bushing for the muffler. Place the muffler neck over the taped barrel and slip a hose clamp on the assembly. Don't tighten it yet.

Take a dowel the same size as the caliber of the weapon, or a cleaning rod of the same caliber, and slip it down the muffler into the firearm barrel to align the hole in the muffler with the bore of the gun. When you have it aligned properly, tighten the hose clamp and remove the dowel rod. You now have a silenced firearm.

Firearm Muffler

A firearm silencer is really a muffler, just like the one on your car, truck, or tractor. Thus, a small muffler from a lawn mower makes a fine improvised silencer for your gun. (Illustration courtesy of Chuck E. Reese)

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