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Ever wonder what to do with all those caps you wrench off of beer and pop bottles? Well stop tossing them away. Remove them gently, add some plastic or aluminum tubing, and you've got yet another silencer for your .22.

The cap 'n tube silencer is easy to make; a piece of kitchen-table pie, as it were. You'll need about twenty bottle caps, which is about five minutes of serious drinking for some of my old pals at The Lantern, a piece of aluminum tubing into which the caps will fit snugly, an end cap for the tube, electrician's tape, and a hose clamp.

As usual, the first step is to make a bushing of electrician's tape just behind the front sight. The tube for the silencer has to fit snugly, and very snugly at that, over the bushing.

Either remove the front sight from your gun or cut a slot into the aluminum tube for the sight. You will need

Silencer The Gun

The bottle cap silencer gives you a useful way to get rid of all of the used soda- and beer-bottle caps you used to trash. Pack them properly inside a pipe as described in the text and you'll have a splendid silencer for your .22 pistol or rifle. ^ (Illustration courtesy of Nester Furringstrip)

to cut enough so the slot is about 1/2-inch longer than the fit, meaning that there should be about 1/2-inch of tube going back past the front sight. Your hacksaw will handle this easily. Use the file to really smooth things over, getting rid of burrs.

Next, drill the bottle caps and end cap using a 5/16 drill bit. The end cap, which fits over the tube, needs to be filed open slightly larger. Insert a pencil or .22-caliber-sized dowel into the first bottle cap. Then, start adding on the rest of the caps, being sure that you stack them as you drilled them-all in one direction.

The last cap should snug the pile downward. Insert the dowel into the tube. Put the end cap in place over the top of the tube to hold the caps down, securing it with epoxy, a setscrew, or by compression. Now insert the entire unit onto the gun's bore for alignment. Remove the dowel before firing the weapon.

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