Your Last Chance To Be Legal

If I bore you with my warnings about what the federales will do if they catch you with an illegal silencer, let me ask you if losing $10,000 and several years of your freedom sounds boring, too? That's why I want to make this final plea about how to obey all federal, state, and local laws regarding silencers.

Did I mention that it's against the law to have silencers? That's why they're'called illegal silencers, you see. I should add that the majority of federal officers, most of whom have little or no sense of humor, view "intent" very seriously. That is, if you have a can that they say you intended to use as a silencer, you're in deep, murky doo-doo. As one federal authority told a silencer savant in a federal courtroom years ago, "If you put a toothpaste tube on the end of your .22 and it cuts down the sound blast even one decibel, that's intent to make a silencer, and that is illegal."

According to the feds, you cannot assemble, manufacture, purchase, receive, or possess any silencer that is not federally registered. To register that silencer, you have to endure a rather complex bit of bureau-

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