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The barrel(s) used in this project require a retaining ring measuring 1 inch in diameter. Therefore a barrel blank with a minimum diameter of I inch must he used. At present, a number of barrel manufacturers offer suitable barrel blanks for this. Most, in laci. offer such blanks with a 1-inch diameter and a length of 24 inches. Since these usually come slightly longer than the advertised length, it is possible to cut four lull 6-inch-length pistol barrels from one of these—even after allowing for saw cuts and squaring the ends« We can also get both a 6-inch pistol barrel and an lH-inch rifle barrel Irom one such blank.

Homemade 9mm Pistol

lull*» arid pistol hums!* ntuife up several years ogofo( yjiKire receiver model Jui/

The pistol barrel can be of whatever length you choose. Although Diagram Hi shows my personal preference of a 6-inch barrel, there is no good reason why yours should not be longer or shorter if you so desire. I have always thought a 6-inch barrel has a more balanced look than other lengths.

Rifle barrel shown with unturned blank

Homemade 9mm Pistol BarrelBev Fitchett Guns Homemade

Barrel is turned to desired diameter,

The rifle- barrel, though, is required by federal law to have a minimum length of 16 inches. Our barrel should be made slightly longer than the minimum length, simply to assure that even the stupidest law enforcement agent will be convinced that it is of legal length.

It has long been accepted by the inure intelligent authorities that if a rod is inserted in the muzzle end of a barrel and pushed in until it contacts the bolt face, this length will be accepted as the barrel length. There are. however, any number of idiots that have never learned this. In fact, 1 can remember an instance where a stupid small-town marshal thought he was going to confiscate a shotgun of my manufacture, which I was displaying at a gun show, because the barrel only measured something over 17 inches from rhe muzzle to the point where it entered the receiver. Never mind the fact, which I tried to explain to him, ih.it iheri! was unotlmr inch id barrel extending back into the receiver. It was too short and subject to confiscation, or so he said. Luckily, a state trooper (these are usually considerably Smarter than other law enforcement officers, at least in this part of the country) happened by and straightened him out. But I could have had to go to considerable trouble to get my gun back. I his example* should serve to illustrate the convenience of a slightly longer barrel. I he one shown in the diagram is 16 1/2 inches overall, mainly because this was the length of

Diagram For Shotgun Barrel Length

End turned to length, suuared my barrel blank. Eighteen inchcs would have been more desirable.

Threaded muzzle ends, to accept muzzle brakes, flash hitlers, and the like, may also be determined ro be illegal. (Some of rhe same people mentioned above will think you inrend to mount a silcnccr if the muzzle is threaded.) If such devices are used, they should be fastened in place permanently preferably by pinning oi silver-soldering. Bayonet lugs arc also of questionable legality and should be avoided.

You will also need a way lu cut the chamber. Al present a number of companies manulacLure and sell chamber reamers in almost any caliber one could wish for. These usually range in price from $40 to $100. Since the straight-eased pistol calibers required in this project use chambers that are only slightly larger than the bore, and only a small amount of metal is removed when cutting the chamber, only a finish reamer will be necessary. When larger bottlcncckcd cases arc used, it is a good idea to remove the bulk of the chamber metal with a roughing reamer, which will cut the chamber slight Iv undersi/.e, arid follow it with rhe finish reamer. This is done primarily to prolong rhe useful life of the finish reamer. Be sure to specify that the reamer will be used in a rifle barrel when ordering it A good many reamers for pistol calibers arc made with the pilot ground to groove diameter ur slightly larger for use in revolver cylinders. These will not enter the bore of the rifled barrel, which requires

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