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Bill Holmes

Bill Holmes Guns9mm Home Made Gun
9mm coirverMon iin?l mounted on corntneftitil receiver
Homemade Guns
Same unit on shop made lower receiver

lias ruined almost everv j other gun ho lias owned.

Finally, after the local market was satisfied» I dccidcd to advertise the upper rrr.rivcrr assemblies along with a ma^a/inc adaptor and magazine in .several national publications. A couple of Run magazines #ave them favorable mention, and it wasn't long before a steady market was created.

About this time, though, 1 made a .serious mistake-. I neglected to take into consideration I he-fact that my average customer didn't bother to read my instruction sheet. I had built the magazine adaptors to fit the largest ma^n/ine wells I had encountered, arid the instruction sheet I hat was enclosed with each unit directed the customer to reduce the width of the adaptor slightly until it was n push fir in rho magazine opening, as required. I also supplied recoil springs that were .slightly longer than needed, specifying that these should be cut, one roil at a time, until satisfactory functioning was obtained. The instructions also explained that the* rear mounting pin hole sometimes required moving slightly.

Shortly after I began filling orders for these 1 got a phone call from a man in Florid». Without preamble lie proceeded to

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