Homemade Sniper Marble

Homemade Marble Gun

.Surplus (rcinl sigJil niQunJtfd on IhjuvL

Aperture %hl in pface served with adjustable sights, Williams or Marble sights should be used. Mounting holes for either of these should be drilled and tupped before the base is attached to the rcccivcr.

The underside of the base should be polished to an acceptable level for finishing before mounting. An easy way to locate the base on the rerriver in a true vertical position is to clamp the receiver in the milling machine vise. J hen, with the mounting tabs fluxed, the base is located in position and held by a sharp pointed rod chucked in the milling machine quill. The cross IWd is used to move the receiver from side to side until the base is aligned vertically using a square or plumb bob for verification. It is then silver-soldered in place.

A military surplus Ml6 front sight, which is readily available from surplus parts dealers, is easily mounted. This should be a snug fit over

.Surplus (rcinl sigJil niQunJtfd on IhjuvL

the collars left tor this purpose on the barrel. Holes for the pins to secure this in place must be continued across the lower side of the barrel using the existing holes in the sight base as guides. These should be* cut wiLh a 1/8-inch end mill instead of trying to drill them, since the drill will try to drift, or crawl, to the side where 110 cutting is done and likely break. These holes should then be reamed slightly using a 9/64-inch taper pin reamer. Pins with a matching taper are pressed tightly in place, securing the sight in position.

An acceptable front sight assembly can be folded from sheet metal and the parts silver-soldered or welded together, but with the low-price of the surplus sight, it is hardly worthwhile.

To avoid future problems with federal agents, it might be a good idea to remove the bayonet lug before finishing.


Homemade Front Sights

A (utlie i* re^'inrvJ to build this gun.

How Rifling Machine Working

'111?« welder is capable oj MIC TIC, arid stick wielding modes

How Rifling Machine Working

A nulling muchine will saw a lot of hand work, although mas! uwrulkms required here can be done usirtß fries, $«7w$, chisels, und gnnaer.

'111?« welder is capable oj MIC TIC, arid stick wielding modes

Chamber reamers are available From the following source

Clvmer Mfg. Co.

1645 W. Hamlin Road

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