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1 lere again, I have used these chamber reamers ever sincc the company lias been in business, and even before when it was owned by other people. I here are none belter ior our purpose.

No doubt there are other suppliers who provide equal quality, courtesy, and dependability My endorsement of those listed here is not intended as a slight to anyone else. (Well, almost anyone else.) My experience with rhosr listed has been satisfying enough that 1 sirnph never bothered ro look anywhere else.

Several of mv other books include Tairlv thorough discussions of tools and equipment, and they need not be repeated here. This project requires some lathe and mill work, as well as a small amount of welding. I he rest can he done wilh hand tools if absolutely necessary.

A (utlie i* re^'inrvJ to build this gun.

A nulling muchine will saw a lot of hand work, although mas! uwrulkms required here can be done usirtß fries, $«7w$, chisels, und gnnaer.

Ihiv ^as welding sr.l is ustcf for sifver-ioltterinjt lical-treuling. arici erring pperutiuns.
Imaces Homemade Bandsaw Mills

\ larjje (3/4 lo 1 hp)ifcctric rnotur eqtdpjHfd moiJi cm arbor can drive bu/fing w/iecb. sanding dises. eic

Bandsaw Mills Homemade
Severul measurmg luob will come in Handy.
Bandsaw Mills Homemade
U'eld* cT7i> dressed flüsh nith die surfucr.
Homemade Gun Clip
Vaiious openfngs arc/ormed as required.



Homemade Hand Drill Press

Small higfi-vpeed grinders will do many of dip nnî/mg machmn op»5rat WIS

Older horizontaVvcrticai milling mochîn** tun often be obtained quite cheaply, Most arc still accurate ami offer uwd value.

Small higfi-vpeed grinders will do many of dip nnî/mg machmn op»5rat WIS

I have learned recently that several different machine tool importers are presently marketing a fairly compact combination lathe, milling machine, and drill press. While most of these are apparently made in the same place and have a common design with different brand names affixed, the best appears to be one called a "Smithy." This is primarily because it has a hole through the spindle that is quite a hit larger than the others. This will allow the would-be gun builder to chuck the barrel and chamber and thread them up close to the head slock with the bulk of the barrel extending through the spindle. This brand also has a longer cross slide (which does double duty as a milling table.) than the other brands 1 have seen. One of these machines—if they are any good—would be relatively inexpensive and require only a small amount of space. I intend to obtain one in the near future for use in preparation of a book on home workshop survival weapons. Slav tuned.

Please note that the suppliers listed here were in business at the addresses listed when this book was published, and since they are all stable companies, 1 assume that they still arc. Please don't complain to mc or the publisher ii this has changcd.



The upper receiver, being essentially the same for both the rifle and pistol versions* is made from 1 1/2-inch-uulside-diarneler seamless tubing with a wall thickness of .120 inch. This is a standard si«, available from most metal supply houses. It ran also be obtained from aircraft building materials suppliers, several of which cater to builders of home-built aircraft. These are probably better sources, since they will usually sell it in short lengths, whereas the metal supply house* want to <ell full-length sticks measuring 20 fed or more.

High strength is riul a requirement for the material used in this receiver sincc little stress is present in use. Although cheaper grades of tubing are available. 1 would still use the tubing made of 4130 if possible. It is rougher than the cheaper grades and will resist wear better, ll is also more suitable for welding than the cheaper grades.

Construction is begun by culling the receiver body to length and squaring both ends, hour 1/4 inch or slightly larger holes are drilled just behind the front face arid spaced equally around the circumference of the receiver. A plug, which will servt? as a burred bushing, is turned to a diameter rhat will just slip into the

Bev Fitchett Guns HomemadeHomemade Semi Auto PistolHomemade Semi Automatic

Small part^ to receive heal treatment ore tied to heavy wire emu yuevRhed when desired color i usually bright cherry ¿s reached.

I nan Tamper is drawn by polishing bright, hunting on *tce) plate.

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