The applicant will forward both copies of the lorm to the NFA Branch, Bureau of Atcot>ot. Tobacco and Firearms. Washington. DC 20226, with a $200 check or money order (where 'equiredl made payable to the Department of the Treasury If approved, the original of the approved form w*U be returned io the applicant and ATF w»M retem the duplicate Approval by ATF will effect registration of the firearm to the applicant The applicant shall not. under any circumstances, make the firearm until the approved form, with tne National Ftre-ai ms Act' siamp attached. *s received. The form must be retained by the applicant and be available at all ttmes for inspection by Government officers until such time as the firearm may later be transferred after approval by this office If the application is disapproved, the original a nd any accompanying check or money order will be returned to the applicant with the reason for disapproval


a Under the provisions of §§5852 and 5653. Nations' Firearms Act. firearms, as defined in ta and lb. may be made by any person without payment of the making tax when made by. or on behalf of: (tithe United States, or any department, independent establishment, or agency thereof: or {2) any State or possession of the United States, or any political subdivision thereof, or any official poi>ce organization of such a government entity engaged in criminal investigations The maker must apply ontmsform and obtain the approval of the Oirector before making the firearm Documentation that the Irrearm is being made for a government entity must accompany the application A U S Government Contract number or a State or local government purchase order would be acceptable documentation Upon receipt of the approved ATF Form I, andafier the firearm has been made, the maker must apply on ATF Form 5 for the tax exempt transfer of the firearm to the government entity for whom m was made.

b A manufacturer who has paid special (occupational! tax so manufacture firearms may make the kind of firearm that he is quali-fied to manufacture without payment of the making tax and he is not requited to file this application form However, the qualified manufacturer must report and register each firearm made by filing ATF Form 2. Notice ol Firearms Manufactured or Imported, with the Director, immediately after manufacturing the firearm.

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This is the BATF Form 1, which is used to apply for permission to build and register a silencer. Filed in duplicate/ it must be accompanied by two fingerprint cards and a $200 check. You must get a Form 1 approved, signed, and returned before you begin work on your silencer. (Courtesy of BATF)

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