What made you think this was something new, just because it was named after the yuppie generation's first Co-President? Actually, this is just a refinement of the old soft drink suppressor made famous by James B. Adair and included in my first book on this arcane topic.

Several readers who took active interest in the initial design for a soda pop silencer, i.e., one using a 2- or 3-liter plastic jug for the body of the unit, included Raul Pindy, Flame Blackwell, and Thurston Whyst.

One of the Blackwell suggestions was to fill the soft drink container about half full of that expandable plastic foam, being sure to insert a carefully centered greased dowel rod of the appropriate size to the caliber of the firearm you plan to mount with the unit. This dowel is removed when the foam hardens so that you have proper barrel alignment.

Another of BlackwelPs more erotic-sounding suggestions was to fill the container with a large, moist loofah sponge as a sound and thermal absorbent.

Both Pindy and Whyst agreed on some sort of sponge filler, but Whyst added the idea that you should spray-paint the outside of the plastic container with auto primer. He thought this would increase the life of the unit, especially if you were to glue several sections of

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