Sa transferor of • daetrocihre (*evtca, machinegun. short-berreiad shoigun or short-barreled Fadaral firearms Icanses. and the transferee is anyone otter than a licensee qualified (o deal rearm to be transferred, the transferee must sign the Applicant Certification litem 2 below) present* of the taw enforcement officer signing item 3 below. The Law Enforcement Certiflee-em 3 below! must be completed 'or the transfer of any registered firearm to an individual other licensee Qualified (o deal in the firearm to be transferred. In addition, the individual transferee iffht a recent photograph {taken within the past yeerl in item 1 and submit, in duplicate (to the two completed copies of FBI Form FO-258. Fingerprint Card. (Sea Important note below.)

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