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This is the universal fingerprint card that your local or state police personnel will use to record your fingerprints for the BATF files in Washington. Supposedly, each applicant's prints are checked, but I know a retired FBI employee who told me that it is rarely done. "Not nearly enough time or people or, frankly, concern" is how he put it to me.

Those are the forms. Now, here is the proper drill that you should use if you want to be all tickety-boo legal and have that homemade silencer registered with the BATF. Before building the silencer, fip out Form 1 after you get your picture and fingerprints. Get the endorsement signature of your favorite local law-enforcement official. The feds like chiefs of police, county sheriffs, chief prosecutors, or their designated minions to sign for this. Obviously, ask someone you know and who knows you; it's easier that way.

If they ask you what in hell you want a silencer for, remember that they are not there to give you permission to own the silencer. Some local official's personal prejudices about gun and silencer control is not necessarily the law. You are going through a legal process here, not getting permission. What the local officer is signing and attesting to is that you are not of bad character and that he has no information that would lead him to believe you would use the silencer illegally. He is also attesting that your ownership of the silencer doesn't violate any local laws.

This official does not incur any legal liability by signing this form for you. On the other hand, no law requires him to sign it, either. So as I say, make friends with someone in the upper echelon of your town or county police department. Remember, this official must have law enforcement jurisdiction within your area of legal residence.

Next, write a check for $200 to the Department of Treasury to pay your tax. Fill out the rest of the form and sign it. Make at least one photocopy of the completed paperwork, then mail the two originals to the address indicated on the form by certified mail.

If you're buying someone else's already registered silencer, you go through the exact same procedure except you use a BATF Form 4. Everything else is the same. In either case, you will probably hear from BATF in two or three months.

Silencer fans, that's all you need to do to have your very own legally registered silencer.

If you're still not comfortable with all of this, or you just have a few more questions, my advice is to find your nearest user-friendly Class III dealer or Class II manufacturer. If you need some help in this area, please see the "Sources' Apprentice" chapter of this book, or write to me for a free referral to a good, honest, reliable, trustworthy, and friendly Class III dealer or Class II manufacturer in your area.

Remember, you must abide by all local and state laws, obtain a BATF Form 1, and pay all of the required taxes before you even think about touching a tool to a component. If you don't and are caught, your buns are deep grass and will be easy mowing for the feds. It's only former presidents and prevaricating politicians who can get away with "I forgot... I don't remember... I didn't know that was wrong."

You will go to jail.

I was talking with the senior partners of the law firm of Rimkus, Brooks, Simpson, Montfort, Neal, and Dilligaf during a legal seminar. We were discussing the topic of Constitutional protection and the Second Amendment at Smuggler's Inn Lounge when the topic of politicians came up. "Remember, George, most politicians are simply pimps who went to law school," reminded partner Vic Dilligaf. "Many of those pimps also end up on the wrong side of the criminal justice system—as in being in charge of it."

Most of the criminal justice system is made up of their rules. Those rules often disregard our Constitution, especially the Second Amendment. And it is easier for them to convict people by violating our Constitution than by complying with it. Sometimes they can't convict you without violating our Constitution.

Remember, rules and constitutions are two different things. So be sure that you follow their rules, because you can be damned sure that many of them aren't following our Constitution.

Follow my instructions as well as the letter of the law and you'll be fine, safe, and happy with your new homemade silencer. Speaking of which, we've put this off long enough. Let's turn some pages and build some silencers.

Next, what you'll need, how to use them, and how to find them ... tools, components, and sources.

Despite run-amok technology, Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor assures me that there are no newbies in the home silencer maker's kit. The same hardware listed in The Hayduke Silencer Book: Quick and Dirty Homemade Silencers will suffice to cut, bend, stuff, fasten, and otherwise fabricate your very own homemade silencer design or one from this book.

This is not to endorse the idea that you can't look. Keeping an open eye and mind to the changing tool technology is just good smarts. Always stay current with technical improvement. To do otherwise would be foolish. As Forrest Gump's wonderfully pragmatic mother noted, "Stupid is as stupid does," or something as profound as current psycho-sociology babble gets in these days of dumb-down diversity.

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