Figure 2. Cuban Juan's "Calladero de Caribe" (Caribbean silencer) is a masterfully modest and effective unit made quick 'n' dirty with easily available materials, tools, and methods. Credit: C.O. Jones, courtesy of Rev Gene.

don't like steel wool, you can substitute Chore Girl/Boy sponges at this step.

Drill a hole to match the caliber of the firearm into one end cap, centered, of course, then drill the other end cap to fit the end of the gun, or barrel threads, or compression unit, or whatever you've decided to use to attach the silencer. Be certain these holes are centered and aligned with the barrel of the gun, for obvious reasons. You can check alignment with a wood dowel before final assembly.

Pack it all together, mount it, and, as Cuban Juan would say, "¡Tiene usted un bien dia!" It is not important that your mark have one, however. After all, isn't that why they're called marks?

Your shot.

Thomas D. Quirk III amalgamated this design from others that he knew from his own background, plus the refinement of some from my first book. He refers to this as a hybrid, and I am happy to share the fruits of his design labor. Thus, I am pleased to present, for the first time in instructional design history, the Quirk Can.

His first step is to drill evenly spaced (1/2 to 3/4 inch apart) 1/8-inch holes in a circular pattern in an aluminum tube. The length of this tube will be determined by how large you feel your silencer needs to be, which is a factor of the caliber and type of firearm you're trying to quiet.

The idea is that this tube must fit over the barrel of the gun, plus hold bottle caps, then fit inside an outer sleeve of plastic. I suggest 6 inches of 1 1/2-inch aluminum pipe.

Take a selection of plastic caps from 2-liter soft drink bottles and carefully drill out the centers to the caliber of your gun. Using an alignment rod that matches that caliber, slip the drilled caps over the rod and into the aluminum tube.

Carefully wrap this cap-filled inner tube with steel wool, fiberglass insulation, or metallic sponge material. Wrap it until it will fit snugly inside the outer tube of the silencer, usually a 7-inch piece of 2-inch plastic or aluminum pipe.

You need an end cap, aluminum or plastic with a center hole drilled to the firearm caliber, to close the one end of the

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