And, being pliantly hypnotized by the televised narcotic of power-elite propaganda, you slaves and workers out there in Plantation Amerika huddle closer to your electronic father and eagerly toss away your freedoms in return for lies and promises.

The Second Amendment is one of those freedoms that is about gone. It's too late for compromise and polemic. When the power elite finally trade enough lies to complete their capture of the Second Amendment, it will all be over. So, if you want to build a legal silencer for your firearms, do it now, while you still are able to get old Massa's approval from SOG.

Here's how it works.

First, you cannot acquire, assemble, manufacture, possess, purchase, or receive any silencer that is not legally registered with the federal government. To register this silencer, you must survive tedious bureaucracy and patronization. This involves getting a mug shot and fingerprints and filling out some federal cards and forms that require a local law enforcement signature.

Before you even get around to the federal forms, you will need to learn if silencers are legal in your local area, state, region, etc. A quick call to your nearest BATF office will settle that matter quickly. Or, you can call a nearby Class 111 dealer... more on that later.

To help you accomplish this task, 1 will explain these forms to you, tell you how to complete them, then walk you through the process. I have also reproduced copies of these forms in this book on pages 9 through 17.


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