Dia. 2" Aluminum Outer Tube

Figure 3. The Quirk Can is an amalgamation of various designs and is very easy to assemble. It has been field-tested by its designer, Thomas D. Quirk III. Credit: Donna Musick.

unit. The other end can be a screw, clamp, or compression fitting such as those used with other designs. What you use is dependent upon your firearm and whether you've threaded the barrel.

Mr. Quirk has seen this improvised silencer design used both with .22- and ,25-calibers with very satisfactory sound-damping results.

As another tip, if you're threading the barrel, Mr. Quirk says to carefully glue a piece of felt paper, with the felt side facing inward, to the inside of that back tube opening. This way, the felt protects the barrel from being scratched when you fasten the unit to your firearm.

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