As promised, here is Rev Gene's environmentally correct can for the '90s. Conceived in the tightest government-secured research facilities imaginable, i.e., a prison, this design is being shown to the public for the first time on these pages. It's also a truly recycled effort, using commonly scrounged materials. The touchy-feely sorts call these "found materials of nature."

This is a silencer that's built from the inside up because of the design's nature. It all begins with a 6-inch length of metal screening, either hardware cloth or porch screen, rolled and formed around a pencil or dowel. You need about two or three thicknesses.

Before you begin this next step, keep in mind that the entire design needs to fit inside a heavy rubber hose, e.g., the radiator hose from a car, truck, or tractor. Of course, you can use a heavier, wider-diameter hose to increase the silencer's effectiveness, but beyond a certain point of size/silencing ratio, it gets counterproductive. For example, during the Vietnam unpleasantness, some brilliant scholar in our military was trying to design a silencer for the GE 7.62mm mini-gun. The design required to reduce the sound by even 10 percent was just slightly smaller than a 55-gallon drum. Point taken? That's a true story, by the way.

Sorry, I digressed. You wrap the next course around this

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