My advice is to peruse the catalogs, the home-builder stores, and other sources for tools. There are always new ones out there, and only a fool passes on technology. As a young man I recall hearing the wise words of the ever-exotic Lola Montez, confidant of Indiana Jones and a famed adventuress in her own realm, who told me, "George, there's no tool like an old tool."

You aren't going to need a workshop full of tools to build these silencers. You probably have most, if not all, of them in your home now. Here is my list of the common tools you'll need:

1. A small electric hand drill, cordless or not, and drill bits. My advice is to buy one of those plastic-cased assortment packs of bits.

2. A good hacksaw. Actually, a hacksaw is better than a small power saw because you won't be doing much volume or heavy-duty cutting. The more precise hand model is for you.

3. A good, solid ball-peen hammer is essential, as is a good rubber mallet that won't scratch or mar the fine metal finish on your gun.

4. Wrenches. I suggest both a small- and medium-sized crescent wrench. Also, you could probably make good use of a plumber's slip-joint wrench, and everyone's old standby, a good set of vice grips.

5. A rivet gun and rivets will be useful for some designs. You'll be working with light fastening, so nothing fancy is required.

6. A set of files. Again, the usual prepackaged selection will be fine.

7. A ruler, a metal marking punch, and scissors round out the list.

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