Bolt Disassembly Reassembly

It is seldom necessary to dismantle the bolt, as routine cleaning can be accomplished by brushing and wiping off its exterior. However, should more thorough cleaning be needed, proceed as follows:

A. To disassemble: Hold bolt firmly in one hand with the rear of the bolt facing you. With your other hand, rotate the bolt sleeve/~ring pin assembly clockwise about 1/3 turn until it is released from the bolt, and remove it rearward.

B. To reassemble (Fig. 11): Align the bolt sleeve/firing pin assembly so that its small lug (A) enters the slot (B) in the bolt hole and slide the bolt sleeve/firing pin assembly into the bolt until it stops. Applying heavy pressure, continue pushing the bolt sleeve/firing pin assembly forward until the bolt sleeve bottoms against the rear face of the bolt. While holding it in firmly, rotate the bolt sleeve/firing pin assembly counter-clockwise about 1/3 turn until a slight click is felt. This click is the nose of the cocking piece (e) engaging its shallow detent notch (D) on the rear face of the bolt (Fig. 12). The firing pin will now be in the cocked position, where it must be in order for the bolt to be correctly reinstalled in the rifle.

NOTE: If the bolt sleeve/firing pin assembly is rotated too far, the cocking piece will snap forward into the uncocked position (Fig. 13). Correct this by hooking the cocking piece on the corner of a wooden workbench and drawing it back while simultaneously turning the bolt sleeve clockwise until it engages the detent notch.

Correct assembly is easily checked by looking at the front face of the bolt (Figs. 14 and 15): the tip of the firing pin (E) should be retracted, and not protruding through the firing pin hole (F).

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