Bore Obstructions continued

If a bullet is in the bore, DO NOT try to shoot it out by using another cartridge, or by blowing it out with a cartridge from which the bullet has been removed, or with a blank cartridge. Unburned powder trapped in the bore behind the stuck bullet can detonate in the confined airspace with devastating results.

Often a bullet lodged in the barrel can be removed by gently tapping it out with a Rat-tipped brass rod that closely Fits the bore diameter. Don't use a cleaning rod, as it is likely to bend or deform and become jammed in the bore. Unburned powder and other fouling probably will be left in the bore. It is imperative that the bore, chamber, and receiver be thoroughly cleaned to remove all such residue before shooting is resumed.

If the bullet cannot be readily dislodged, take the firearm and the ammunition to a gunsmith. Do not use any more ammunition from that lot until both have been examined and the cause of the obstruction determined.

Soil, mud, snow, water, ice, vegetation, mudwasp nests, etc. are all dangerous inside a gun barrel. If the muzzle of your riRe comes into contact with the ground, or you have reason to suspect that something has gotten into the barrel, unload the rifle and look through the bore. It's not enough to just look at the muzzle; debris can slide some distance inside where it can't easily be seen. If anything is there, clean it out with a rod. Never attempt to shoot it out; the barrel may burst and you could be seriously hurt.

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