Save Your Eyes And Ears

Always wear protective shooting glasses and ear plugs or "earmuff" type protectors whenever you are shooting. Your vision and hearing are priceless, and irreplaceable. Always make certain that persons close to you are similarly protected.

Shooting glasses will protect your eyes from burns and abrasions caused by powder gas, metallic particles, burning powder grains, lubricant, and similar debris that can emanate occasionally from any firearm in normal use. If something goes seriously wrong and fragments of cartridge case or firearm are sent flying, shooting glasses can make the difference between future sight and blindness. The best compromise between protection and convenience is offered by high-quality shooting glasses or industrial-grade safety glasses with large-area shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses at least 2mm thick.

Without ear protection, repeated exposure to shooting noise may lead to cumulative, permanent hearing loss. Many experienced shooters who value their hearing wear both ear plugs AND ear muffs. At a shooting range it is common courtesy not to commence firing until everyone nearby has their eyes and ears covered.


1. Muzzle of barrel

2. Barrel

3. Floor plate

4. Floor plate catch

5. Trigger guard

6. Trigger

7. Stock

8. Sling swivel stud

9. Butt end of stock

10. Bolt handle

11. Cocking Piece (with firing pin)

12. Bolt sleeve

13. Bolt

14. Receiver

15. Safety

16. Red dot indicator

17. Bolt stop

18. Magazine (inside stock)

19. Chamber end of barrel

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