To clear the rifle

Point the muzzle in a safe direction, lift the bolt handle and pull the bolt fully to the rear. This should eject any cartridge that may be present in the chamber, but LOOK in the chamber anyway to be sure it is empty. The magazine also is now exposed. If it con-tains any cartridges, remove them (see page 17). Leave the bolt open and put the safety "on".

Always clear your rifle before handing it to another person. If someone hands a firearm to you, person-ally determine whether it is clear before any further handling.

Never assume any firearm to be unloaded, and don't accept anyone's assurance. LOOK inside it your-self. When entering or leaving a range or hunting area, or when showing the rifle to others, make sure the bolt is open, the safety is "on", and all ammunition has been removed. That way others can see, without need to operate its mechanism, that the rifle is clear.

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