To install bolt in rifle

If any cartridge is in the chamber or the magazine, remove it first! Orient the bolt with the handle pointed up and to the right. Align the locking lugs on the bolt with their races in the receiver. Viewed from the rear, the rectangular projection of the cocking piece must be pointing straight down (at 6 o'clock, as shown in Fig. 41. Push the bolt forward gently into the receiver until the bolt stop snaps in place behind it. Close the bolt and turn the handle down to its locked position.

2. To replace stock:

Insert magazine box into receiver, open end to the rear and notched end first. Place barreled action assembly carefully into stock. Be certain trigger guard is seated properly in stock. The longer takedown screw goes behind the trigger guard. Tighten the two takedown screws alternately until both are snug, then tighten front screw Firmly; finally, tighten rear screw.

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    How do you install the bolt on a howa rifle?
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