Use Of The Safety Two Position

The safety on the Model 1500 rifle consists of a knurled lever on the right side of the receiver immediately to the rear of the bolt handle. When "on", it locks the trigger. Its purpose is to prevent firing if the trigger is pressed inadvertently. It should not be relied upon to prevent accidental discharge from other causes. See page 13.

A. The safety is "on" when the lever (15) is pushed fully rearward, covering the red indicator dot in the stock.

B. The safety is "off" when the lever is pushed forward, uncovering the red indicator dot (16).

Do not carry the rifle with a cartridge loaded in the chamber without first placing the safety "on". Keep the safety "on" until you are ready to fire and the rifle is pointed at the target.

Note: The safety can be placed "on" only when the rifle is cocked, I.e., ready to fire (Fig. 4). You can see whether it is cocked from the position of the cocking piece (11). When cocked, the rear of the cocking piece protrudes from the back of the bolt sleeve (12). 11

A. Safety On

A. Safety On

Fig. 3

When the rifle is uncocked, the cocking piece (11) is recessed approximately 3/8th of an inch inside the bolt sleeve (12). In order to place the safety "on" from this position, the rifle must first be cocked by raising the bolt handle fully upward, then closing it again.

The safety operates directly on the trigger mechanism. For this reason, the trigger adjustments have been sealed at the factory. Any attempt to change these adjustments may render the safety inoperative and create a hazardous condition.

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