1. Always LOOK in the chamber to make sure the cartridge has been extracted and the chamber is empty. It is rare for a cartridge to remain stuck in the chamber, but it can happen.

2. It is recommended that you always empty the magazine by the method described above. Do not empty the magazine by cycling the bolt, since this process involves feeding cartridges into the chamber, and introduces an additional risk of an accidental firing.

With a cartridge loaded in the barrel chamber and the safety "on": Point the rifle at the target, push the safety "off", take aim, and fire by squeezing the trigger.

To fire the next shot, open the bolt and pull it smartly to the rear. This cocks the firing mechanism and ejects the spent cartridge case from the previous shot. Pushing the bolt forward again feeds the next cartridge into the chamber, and turning the bolt handle downward closes the bolt. The rifle is now ready to fire again. This process can be repeated until the rifle is empty. If you wish to temporarily cease firing before the rifle is empty, immediately put the safety "on". "Immediately" means before you turn the muzzle away from the direction of the target.

If you have finished shooting, immediately make the rifle safe by unloading it completely.

Extensive dry firing (snapping the firing mechanism without a cartridge in the chamber) is not recommended as it may result in breakage of the firing pin. After making sure the rifle is empty, the rifle may be uncocked without dry firing by lifting the bolt handle, then pressing and holding the trigger while lowering the bolt handle.

While shooting any firearm, an unfired cartridge or fired cartridge case might become jammed between the bolt and the barrel. Clear the rifle as follows. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and, if possible, the safety on. Pull the bolt fully rearward. The jammed cartridge can then be shaken out or picked out with your fingers. Discard any cartridge that is dented or that has the bullet shoved back into the cartridge case.

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