1. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, the safety "on", and your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to fire.

2. Never carry about or leave unattended any firearm which is cocked and ready to fire! When cocked and with the safety off, it can easily fire if the trigger is pressed. An accidental discharge could result if you fall or drop the firearm, or if some external object contacts the trigger.

3. If while shooting, your firearm develops any mechanical malfunction or binding, or "spits" powder gas, or if a cartridge primer is punctured or a cartridge case is bulged or ruptured, or if the report on firing does not sound quite right, stop shooting immediately! It may be dangerous to continue. Unload the firearm - do not try "one more shot to see if it does it again". (It probably will, but worse. It is amazing how often serious accidents are preceded by warning signs that are ignored).

Take the firearm and the ammunition to a gunsmith for examination.

4. Never uncock the rifle with a cartridge in the chamber. This is an unsafe condition, as the firing pin would then be in direct contact with the primer of the chambered cartridge. An impact on the bolt could then cause the rifle to fire accidentally without the trigger being pulled.

5. Do not allow other persons to stand beside you where they might be struck by an ejected cartridge case. The case is hot, and may be ejected with sufficient force to cause a burn or cut or injure an unprotected eye.

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