1. While loading (and at all times!) make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction!

2. Risk of an accident is greatly increased when any firearm, no matter how safely designed, is carried with the cartridge in the chamber. Unless the firearm must be ready for immediate firing, leave the chamber empty. Load the chamber only when you are ready to actually shoot.

3. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction when manually operating the action to load the first cartridge from the magazine into the chamber. Malfunctions which allow the gun to fire as the bolt is closed without the trigger being pulled are rare but can happen.

4. Never attempt to load or unload any firearm inside a vehicle, building or other confined space (except a properly constructed shooting range).

Enclosed areas frequently offer no completely safe direction to point the firearm; if an accidental discharge occurs, there is great risk of injury or property damage.

5. Before loading, always clean all grease, oil, solvent, etc. from the bore and chamber. When a bullet is fired, an accumulation in the bore or chamber of any lubricant or other incompressible fluid (including, for example, rainwater) can cause a bulge or burst barrel or other damage to the rifle and result in serious injury to the shooter or to others nearby. In addition, any coating of lubricant in the chamber interferes with the adhesion between cartridge case and chamber wall that is necessary for safe firing, and subjects the rifle to stress similar to that imposed by excessive pressure.

Beginning with the rifle empty and uncocked:

1. Point the muzzle in a safe direction! Lift the bolt handle and pull the bolt to the rear until it stops. Put the safety "on". Check the chamber to make sure it is empty.

2. Press cartridges down into the magazine one at a time as shown in Fig. 5 until the magazine is full (5 cartridges in standard calibers, 3 in magnum calibers, 6 in .223 caliber).

3. If you intend to commence shooting immediately, push the bolt back forward and turn the handle down to its original position. In its forward movement, the bolt will pick up the top cartridge in the magazine and feed it into the chamber for firing (Fig. 61. The rifle is ready to fire as soon as the safety is pushed" off").

4. If you will not be shooting immediately, minimize any risk of accidental firing by leaving the barrel chamber empty until you are actually prepared to fire. Follow the loading procedure under "closing the bolt without loading the chamber" (Figs. 7 and 8).

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