Cocking the pistol

1. Never chamber a round unless you are ready to fire.

2. Insert the magazine. The magazine will have about 1/16 inch play when seated properly Do not push up on magazine when firing or jamming will occur.

3. Grasp the slide, pull it all the way back and release it [fig. 8). This operation cocks the hammer and chambers a cartridge.

Cocking Desert Eagle
fig. 8


This pistol is now loaded, cocked with the safety catch lever in the "SAFE" position; therefore, make sure that the barrel is pointed in a safe direction.

Firing the pistol:

With the pistol pointed at the target, move the safety catch lever up to TIRE" position (red dot will be visible) (fig. 9) and pull the trigger.

Reloading during firing:

The slide remains in the rearward position when the magazine is empty.

1. Move safety catch lever to down "SAFE" position.

2. Remove the empty magazine.

3. Insert a full magazine.

4. Release the slide by depressing the slide catch or by pulling the slide slightly to the rear and releasing it (fig. 1 0).

5. Move safety catch to TIRE" position.


The pistol is now loaded and cocked with the safety catch lever in the "FIRE" position.

fig. 9 (Mark I pictured)

Push safety catch up to fire position.

Pistola Desert Eagle
fig. 10

If slide is difficult to release in this manner; proceed as follows: hold pistol with both hands, place left thumb on slide catch, place right thumb on top of left thumb, then push straight down.

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