Aiming And Firing

1. Unfold the stock.(see page 21)

2. After loading the gun as previously described, place rear sight at required range 100 or 200 m. (fig 25ยป

3. Grasp the UZI with one hand on the pistol grip (trigger finger outside of trigger guard) and other hand on handguard.

4. Raise gun and pull stock firmly into shoulder.

5. Line up your sights with your target by placing the top of the post in the center of the rear aperture, (fig. 26)

6. Move fire selector to "F" (Fire), place trigger finger on trigger and squeeze until gun fires. SAFETY GRIP MUST BE FULLY DEPRESSED.

7. To fire subsequent rounds, release trigger and pull it again for each shot.

8. Upon interruption of firing set fire selector on "S" (Safe) position.

9. Upon completion of firing unload (clear) (see page 27) and set fire selector on "S" (Safe).


1. The UZt is factory prezeroed. Due to individual eyesight variations actual M.P.I. (Mean Point of Impact) may vary up to 4" from the aiming point 100 m (110 yds.).

2. Instructions for individual zeroing are included with the sight adjustment tool accessory which will enable sight adjustment to within 2" horizontally and 3" vertically.

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