1. Using a suitable drift pin (1/8" to } 5/32" dia.) push out extractor | retaining pin from its shank end.(fig. 27) |

2. Using the retaining pin, push extractor forward and remove from bolt, tf extractor is frozen because of excessive carbon deposits, tap forward and out using a suitable drift pin (3/16" to 1/4" dia.).(fig. 28)


1. Remove all caked deposits from extractor claw. Clean and oil lightly.

2. Using a small diameter brush or patch,clean and lightly lubricate extractor hole, (any .22 caliber cleaning equipment may be used.)


1. Hold bolt with rear facing you and ejection port to the right,

2. Insert extractor in bolt from the rear with claw forward and slot in thick end up. (fig. 29)

3. Push extractor forward until base is flush with small recess in bolt end. Slot must be aligned with arrow. Check that slot aligns with hole in bolt. (fjg. 30)

4. Insert pin from the left side (side opposite ejection port). Push home.

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