Safety Precautions

Make sure that the gun is unloaded whenever:

— Receiving or handing over a gun.

— Transporting the gun.

— Before cleaning or dismantling.

Always remove the magazine immediately after firing and make sure that the chamber is empty. Make sure that the fire selector is on "S" (Safe) position to guarantee that the gun is safe whenever.

— You have stopped firing it.

— The gun is being transported or moved.

When handling the gun:

— Always make sure that the barrel points in a safe direction.

Never load a gun until you are ready to use it. Practice handling the gun empty before attempting to fire. (The UZI may be dry fired without harm to the gun). Whenever the short (display) barrel is installed:

— Never insert a loaded magazine.

— Never attempt to fire the gun.

Use only clean, dry, original high quality commercially manufactured 9 mm ammunition in good condition. Never handle ammunition with oily fingers.


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