The next section of this book will explore silencer designs for larger centerfire weapons: the Colt .45 and the SKS carbine. These guns generate considerably more internal pressure and fire much larger projectiles than a .22. Therefore, certain safety precautions must be taken.

First of all, make sure everything is either clamped and/or glued together solidly. Don't use friction fits or omit band clamps.

Second, punch holes in the ends of the oil filters. This is a good way to make sure that too much pressure doesn't build up inside and blow the silencer apart.

Third, pay close attention to alignment. That .30 or .45 caliber bullet needs to go through those little threaded holes in the bottoms of those oil filters. If the alignment is off, the bullet will strike the rim of the threaded hole with unpleasant results.

And finally, be careful, use common sense, and always wear eye protection.

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