Improvised Silencers

Mac Colt Pistols

The venerable Colt .45 semiautomatic pistol has been around since 1911 and has a well-earned reputation for toughness and reliability. It fires a large subsonic bullet, and its .45 ACP ammunition is also used in the silenced MAC-10 submachine gun. The Colt .45 fieldstrips very easily, and barrels can be changed in just a few minutes with no tools required. Replacing the regular 5 inch barrel with a 7 inch barrel provides a couple inches of exposed barrel on which to mount a coupling for a silencer.

Cut 2" section from end of 3/4" PVC nipple. Make four evenly spaced, longitudinal slots that extend down to the threading.

Improvised Silencers
Wrap exposed portion of .45 barrel with 2" metal repair tape.
Oil Filter Suppressor AdapterOil Filter Suppressor Adapter

After friction fitting PVC section onto taped barrel, secure it tightly with two small band clamps. (If you think you need a little more "grab" in the friction fit, try dabbing contact surfaces with a weak glue or any sticky, tacky substance prior to clamping. Don't use too much glue or too strong a glue, though, or you'll end up having to cut the PVC off the barrel.)

Oilfilter Silencer

This is essentially the same design as shown on page 33. Note, however, that the oil filter is tightly clamped into the adapter. For extra strength, it can be glued in prior to clamping. Also, although it is not visible, the end of the oil filter has a hole punched in its center. Try filling the filter with water and draining it to wet filter element inside. This might help cool the muzzle blast gases and dampen the noise even more.

Gun Silencer Oil Filter Adapter

This is simply a larger version of the device shown on page 30. It has eight times the volume of its smaller counterpart and a larger, sturdier hose attachment.

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  • john
    How to make improvise silencer for c olt .45?
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    Can for guns oil filter?
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    What can be used as an improvised suppressor?
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