Pvc Silencer Tubes

Many silencer plans call for metal tubes with machined metal end caps, which can only be fabricated on expensive machine shop equipment. A poor man's version of a silencer tube with end caps can be fabricated in less than five minutes from a couple dollar's worth of PVC components. Although PVC silencer components aren't as straight and true as machined metal units, they'll do for simple, "forgiving" designs that don't need to be perfectly aligned—like those that use corrugated cardboard washers as baffles. They'll also do for even simpler "lined expansion chamber" type designs; just cut a section of fiberglass or foam rubber pipe insulation and slide it into the tube.

Pvc Suppressor For

Materials needed: •11/4" PVC tubing

Insert washer into unthreaded bushing; glue if necessary. (Washer makes exit hole smaller and doesn't let quite as much noise escape.)

Wrap masking tape around bushings to get tight fit in tube.

Load tube with silencer "guts" of your choice. If you want to include a wipe, use bushing to trace circumference of foam rubber disk. Friction fit bushings into end of tube.

Foam Rubber SilencerRubber Cap For Gun MagazinesPvc Silencer Plans

A variant of this design can be made with a section of brass plumbing fixture tubing. The bushings fit this particular tubing so snugly that just one wrap of tape makes them too big to fit back into the tubing. Instead of wrapping them with tape, spray them with layers of primer until they fit tightly.

Materials needed: •1 1/2" PVC tubing

(thin wall) • 1 1/2" pipe cap •1 1/4" x 3/4" PVC bushing

Suppressor Pvc

Materials needed: •1 1/2" PVC tubing

(thin wall) • 1 1/2" pipe cap •1 1/4" x 3/4" PVC bushing

Pvc Silencer

This silencer tube is basically the same as #1 except that it is larger in diameter and has a rubber cap on the end instead of a PVC bushing. (The cap also acts as a wipe.) The particular kind of PVC stock used for this tube has thinner walls and a greater inside diameter than regular 1 1/2" PVC tubing. Although the 1 1/4" bushing won't fit inside regular 1 1/2" PVC tubing, it will fit inside this thinner-walled variety.



Barrel Adapter For Improvised Silencer

A spring-loaded riser connects a sprinkler head to a buried water line. When the water to the line is turned on, the riser pushes the sprinkler head up above the flora being irrigated. When the water is cut off, the riser lowers the sprinkler head back to its original, less conspicuous position. This riser consists of an outer housing, an inner flanged tube, a spring, a screw-on cap, and a cap liner. The spring and the cap liner may be discarded.

Sprinkler Head Cut Off Risers

Shave inside diameter of cap to make it big enough to fit over threaded part of coupling on end of weapon.

Improvised Silencers

The inside of the housing has three "fins" that run the length of the housing. They fit into slots in flange of inner tube to keep it from rotating inside housing. These fins need to be cut back flush to inside wall of housing for a distance of about 1 1/2" so bushing can be inserted into mouth of housing. For best results, use "chisel" type blade in modeling knife. Cut with beveled side of chisel edge turned toward wall of housing.

Pvc SilencerMuzzle Adapter Coupling

Cut pipe insulation into short sections and pack them into housing with flanged tube. Leave just enough room in mouth of housing to insert bushing snugly against last segment of insulation.

Wrap bushing with tape and friction fit it into housing. Screw cap down over bushing to hold it in place.

Wiped Pistol Suppressors

Fit crutch tip onto other end of riser housing. Crutch tip functions as wipe.

Muzzle Adapter Coupling
Install on weapon.
Pvc Gun Silencer

This coupling is made from a 1" x 3/4" PVC reducing male adapter friction fitted around the barrel with the threaded portion situated somewhere behind the muzzle instead of just in front of it. This allows the gun barrel to be inserted right up into the silencer, shortening the overall length of the silenced weapon and eliminating the narrow isthmus connecting the silencer to the barrel.

It will work with any previous design that uses a bushing larger than 1" x 3/4". Simply substitute a corresponding bushing threaded for 1" stock instead of 3/4" stock.

The inside diameter of this particular reducing male adapter is smaller in the threaded half and slightly larger in the unthreaded half. Two separate, side-by-side 1 1/2" tape wraps have to be made on the barrel to fit the two different inside diameters.

Oil Filter Silencer Adapter

Shown here is the oil filter #1 design mounted on this coupling. Compare with the same unit mounted on coupling #1 on page 33.

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