Ruger Bull Barrel Pistol

Coupler Ruger Pistol Bull Barrow

This is probably one of the most suitable weapons there is for improvised silencers. It has a reputation as a rugged, dependable gun and is such a common item that finding one for sale or ordering one is no problem. Also, .22 caliber weapons are the most easily silenced of firearms.

The best feature of this weapon, though, is the ease with which the silcncer can be attached to the barrel. The bull barrel is a long, straight cylinder with no taper. The front sight can be removed by taking out a single screw. Rigging a silencer onto a plain cylindrical barrel is much easier than rigging one onto a tapering barrel with a fixed front sight. Also, keeping the silencer aligned with the barret is much easier when the barrel has a simple cylindrical shape.

Barrel Front Sight Silencer

In silencer parlance, a coupling is a device that connects the silencer to the gun barrel. The simple coupling shown here on the Ruger bull barrel is created by removing the front sight, wrapping the end of the barrel with 1 1/2 inch vinyl tape, then friction fitting a 3/4 inch PVC male adapter tightly over the taped end. This coupling will take any silencer that incorporates a PVC bushing threaded for 3/4 inch stock. It can be used on any cylindrical barrel from which the front sight has been removed, including rifle barrels.


Although aluminum beverage cans are so flimsy that you can crush them in your hand, they are remarkably strong for their weight and capable of withstanding a great deal of internal pressure. (Set an unopened can of pop on the floor and stand up on it on one leg. Unless you weigh a quarter of a ton, it ought to support your weight.)

There's nothing new about using aluminum cans as simple, expansion chamber type silencers. What is new is the following series of adapters for holding the cans securely onto the end of the gun. Five of these six adapters use rubber plumbing fittings for standard pipe having an inside diameter of 2 inches. These fittings will take aluminum cans whose tops taper to a 2 1/4 inch diameter rim. (The smaller rims on some cans don't provide a tight enough fit.) The sixth adapter is a scaled down version of one of the others, using a smaller rubber fitting and taking a V-8 tomato juice can instead of a standard pop or beer can.

A word of warning. One of my research sources states that just an adapter itself—without a can mounted in it—counts as a silencer and must be registered with the BATE

Magazine Band BushingMagazine Band Bushing

Materials needed: Insert bushing into coupling

• aluminum can and tighten band clamp. •2" xl 1/2" flex coupling

Magazine Band Bushing

Fit adapter onto top of can, tighten other band clamp, and install on weapon.

Beer Can Improvised WeaponBeer Can Improvised Weapon

Materials needed:

Loosen band clamps and remove metal sleeve from coupling. (The band clamps on this particular coupling had to be loosened with a socket wrench instead of a screwdriver.) Insert bushing.

Magazine Band Bushing

Fit adapter onto top of can, replace sleeve, and tighten band clamps.

Improvized Shot Guns

Install on weapon.

Magazine Band BushingMagazine Band Bushing

Materials needed:

• drain trap connector (large) •1 1/4" x 3/4" PVC bushing

(no taper inside) •l"x 3/4" PVC bushing (unthreaded)

Insert 1 1/4" x 3/4" bushing into connector.

Improvise Tapers

Glue smaller bushing into larger bushing as shown. If inside walls of larger bushing are straight instead of tapered, smaller bushing should easily fit inside.

Build up layers of silicone sealant inside adapter until flush with top of smaller bushing. Let each layer harden before applying the next. Break off the end of a Popsicle stick, wet it, and sweep it over the last layer of sealant to smooth it out before it dries.

Improvised Silencers

Fit adapter onto top of can, tighten band clamp, and install on weapon.

Ruger Pistol Muzzle Coupling AdapterMagazine Band Bushing

Materials needed:

Magazine Band Bushing

Insert bushing into basin gasket.

Cut hole in cap as shown. (Use the bushing to trace a circle in the center of the top of the cap. Make short, plunging cuts with a modeling knife blade angled slightly inward.)

Short Handgun Silencer

Glue bushing/basin gasket assembly onto top of cap.


N ^ -----—


MB mpr" -%

Fit adapter onto top of can, tighten band clamp, and install weapon.

Fit adapter onto top of can, tighten band clamp, and install weapon.

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