The blowgun and dart specs shown in Fig. One are based on the "Aeromag Blowgun'J The gun complete with six darts is available for about $15, Additional darts are available for around $3.75/per set of 6. If you wish to buy a readymade blowgun,I recommend the Aeromag over other products available. For more info contact: Aerospace Cone Company P.O.Box 142, Decatur,GA 30031

Fig. One

Blowgun length: 48.75" Tube length: 48" Tube Specs: seamless aluminum tubing, .5"0D/ .39"ID/ .055" wall thickness. Mouthpiece specs: aluminum round stock,

1"0D X 1.5" long. Dart Length: 5.1875" Shaft specs: straightened music wire,

.062" dia. X Sinches long. Cone specs: machined from aluminum bar stock/finished size: .375"0D X.375"long.

The gun presented here is based on a bore of .375" or about .38 caliber. It is generally accepted that anything smaller will not be effective except at short ranges. Some examples of blowguns have bores in excess of .5", but unless you have exceptional lungs, you will find this size too hard to use.

Blowgun lengths also vary, from about 18" as used by some assassins,to over 17ft These monsters are used by the Jivaro Indians of Ecuador. They can easily hit a hummingbird at 50 yards.

For general use, the 48" model outlined here will be sufficient, although you may wish to try the 18" extension shown in Section III for a total length of 6 ft.

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