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Information on how to build a Sionics sound suppressor (aka silencer) for the Ingram M10 and Mil appeared in PMA,Vol.2, No.l. That article featured machinist drawings so that a person with access to a lathe and other machine shop tools could turn out each suppressor part including the spiral diffusers. Information was provided on how to construct suppressor tubes out of thin aluminum sheeting since the properly dimensioned tube blanks are difficult to obtain. Commercial tubing wholesalers usually have a minimum order requirement and local retail shops rarely have what you want in stock.

Since the publication of that article, at least a half-dozen firms have gone into the business of selling M10 and Mil suppressor components so that now one can put together a complete, functional unit with a minimum of effort.

It is a violation of federal gun control laws to possess all the parts to assemble a suppressor without prior approval, from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Consequently, these firms sell either the internal suppressor components or the outer tubes, or the components and tube blanks which require some machine work before they can be assembled into functional units. There are no legal restrictions on owning a set of outer tubes or a parts kit, so one can purchase these items directly from the firms without any special license or permit. These kits are priced around $120 to $130 at the time of

Detroit, MI 48223

this writing, and can be purchased from, these firms: Military Accessories Company, Chris J. Sullivan Co., and Survival Enterprises of Georgia.

What good is a parts kit without the two tubes to house these components? The following firms sell the front and/or rear tube(s): J.H.Trager, SMG Marketing, and Survival Enterprises of Georgia. Depending upon from whom you purchase, the front tube will be blank or will be machined to the original Sionics specifications and contain internal threads. The price of the front tube is about $20 to $30. The rear tube is typically sold as a random length blank so it will need to be cut down to the correct size with a tube cutter or hack saw. The rear tube does not require any threads, and can be purchased for approximately $10.

Parts kit - $120. Front tube - $30. Rear tube - $10. For $160 one has a suppressor identical to the Sionics unit which currently carries a suggested retail price of $200 plus a federal transfer tax of $200.

The Military Accessories Company sells suppressor parts kits for several other firearms: M16/AR15 rifle, M14/M1A rifle, and the Colt Woodsman autoloading pistol (the suppressor for this firearm can be easily modified to fit several other .22 caliber automatic pistols).

Send a SASE to the following firms for specific product and price information.New sources for these and related items are constantly advertised in Shotgun News.

- - M10/M11 suppressor tubes

Military Accessories Company M10/M11, M16/AR15, M14/M1A and

2675 Cumberland Parkway Colt Woodsman suppressor parts kits

Atlanta, GA 30339

SMG Marketing, 120 N Ave.N.W., - - - - - Tubes for: M10/M11, M16/AR15, Atlanta, GA 30303 M14/M1A, and Colt Woodsman

Chris- J. Sullivan Co. -------- M10/M11 suppressor parts kits

2671 Sharondale Dr. N.E. Atlanta, GA 30305

Survival Enterprises of Georgia - - - - M10/M11 suppressor parts kits,

Box 41668, Atlanta,GA 30331 suppressor tubes

M10 Sako Trg

vehicle armor fabrication*

installation by Clyde Barrow fig. l


I - Introduction

The following information on armor production is restricted to materials and processes that can be easily handled by the individual reader. Large scale projects such as cast steel gun turrets and welded plate tank bodies require industrial resources not available in the home workshop.

II - Design Criteria

When properly designed and installed, armor should protect both the occupant(s) and the internal components of the vehicle itself. Five factors must be considered when designing armor protection for a given vehicle.

If possible, choice of the vehicle itself should be determined by its ability to carry the necessary protection,while still functioning as intended.If for some reason,the specific vehicle type has been predetermined,the following factors must be balanced against each other to achieve optimum results.

A - Level of Protection

Whether by application of field research data or an educated guess,a specific decision must be made concerning the nature of the anticipated attack. This alone dictates the type and amount of armor needed, even if other factors require that you later settle for a lower level of protection. Note that some materials in Section IV have established thickness specifications for providing various levels of protection. Non-rated materials will have to be tested against the appropriate weapons to determine the proper thickness needed. The ideal test fixture is an old car door, similar to those on your vehicle.These are available at any junkyard. Mount the armor samples in the appropriate location and sandbag or mount the door to a rigid backstop. Most testing standards require that the material hold up to multiple hits concentrated into a fairly small impact area.Be realistic when testing, you're only cheating yourself!

Except in rare cases where money is no object,most armoring projects will be limited primarily by cost. The vehicle shown in fig. 2 offers complete Level 4 Protection ("resists penetration of multiple 30.06 rifle rounds). The price as delivered including initial vehicle cost,is between $65,000 and $75,000. Note that factors A-D were given full consideration, and cost was considered the least important aspect of the total design package.

Although kind enough to supply the material in figures 1 and 2, VSDC declined to provide any further data on their armor for reasons of client and product pz~o-tection. They would say that ArmaCore and Sierracin/TransTech materials are not offered for sale except as integral components in their vehicle conversions.

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