In analyzing this hold I discussed the severol steps vuch as blocking the blow, getting rid of the knife and throwing the man,, as if ihuy were separate parts of the number. Of course they are all port of one smooth flowing action which accomplishes the final goal.

When you block a blow don't merely slow it down. Hit as hard as you can.

The instant you block this blow your hand moves down and grips his hand with your thumb to the back of his hand.

Your left hand then re-in-forces your right and you twist his hand back and to your left.

THIS is a very painful number for the victim and not difficult of performance by the operator. I show this defense being used against a person carrying a club but it is equally effective against any otber weapon, such as a bottle or knife. Speed and aggressiveness are the important factors and every minute you spend on your Jiu-Jitsu practice helps to make you quicker and more alert. You'll think faster and act faster.

One important wo y in which Jiu-J<tsu differs liom o*her forms of self defense is Ihot the Jiu*Jttsu expert is anxious for actual close contact with the opponent wheicos other defenses endeavor to keep thr attack** away.

As you blockod Ihw blow your left arm come up under hit elbow and then

In which you exert great leverage with urbelievobly lilfl* exertion.

As anyone potentially dangerous to you ncors, you must be alert for ony type of attack

your left forearm goes botween the V formed by his arm and your right arm, and your left hand

■m m and mointain yoursrlf in such position that you cannot be drawn off balance.

is laid on your right wrist or forearm. This locks your opponent's arm in a very punishing position

Always maintain your holds as your man fallsr for to release him and depend

upon the fall olone to Incapacitate him is to give up your advantage needlessly.

Av the weapon is being swung at you your first concern is to block the blow,

Av the weapon is being swung at you your first concern is to block the blow,

which you do hy striking the clubber's forearm with your knife-hand blow.
un , ' V c When you ore aiming at a specific target such as this keep your eye on the hond or arm, not on his face or elsewhere.

from which he is powerless to escape. Don't bother about the club because he'll drop that himself.

In this particular hold you do not even need lo shift your grip when he is down, and

You must do all this very quickly in one fast, smoothly flowing sequence as long as you hold him as shown here he is powerless lo make more trouble.

which surprises him, knocks him off bolance, and puts his arm in a lock

Of course any struggling he did from such a position would only convince him thai he was in grave danger of receiving a broken wrist.

Your right hand forces his forearm back. Your left arm goes up through the bend of his arm and your left hand rests on your right wrist.

e club hand is blocked in the Standard Jiu-Jitsu manner.

en the clubber is forced down ou are able to maintain the ame hold on him. Your right and exerts pressure on the back of the man's hand.

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