THIS DEFENSE against a right hand blow can snap your victim's arm or elbow joint or slam him heavily on the ground in your control. It is somewhat more difficult than the preceding number but sufficient practice will enable you to master it. Part of the great advantage you have because of your Jiu-Jitsu lies in the fact that your antagonist is generally taken by complete surprise by the nature of your attack. He simply does not know how to combat it.

Tht* o blow by o fist requires *poed bul < OfTiparalively Iittlc strcnath< Thrr k'vciogv involved !aUu\ the plane of on abandonee of powe*.

Porry the blow with the knife edge of your hand against attacker's forearm

and grasp his wrist and force his arm upward. Crosp his left shoulder close to his neck.

the palm of his hand will h*» slightly vipward. Retain your hold on his left shoulder.

Yau hove Taken another lull step forward and you and your man are now nearly back to back.

Your right htp is in close contact with the back of his right hip. Now shift your hips suddenly because to do so would hove put more prtissure on his elbow and shoulder lOint.

easily enough to have broken one of them. The sever* ¡or

the man receives as he meets the ground, plus the severe pain in his right arm from the pressure on it.

Oucfc your head, if necessary, to go under his outstretched right arm, stepping forward as you do so.

Oucfc your head, if necessary, to go under his outstretched right arm, stepping forward as you do so.

Bring his right arm down across your shoulders. His elbow should rest upon the back of your neck.

With your left hand, which is firmly grasping your attacker's wrist, rotate his arm so that

to the right ond at the some instant lunge upward ond forward with arms and upper body.

The ease with which he will come up on your back is amaxing.

During the moment when yoo had his arm across your shoulders he could make no resistance ii usually enough to take care of the situation for some time, but it may be well to retoin a grip

on his right arm and hold it in a lock until you con see whether he has any fight left in him.

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