Bargain Bugging

By Clyde Barrow

When it is necessary to record your conversation with another person or his conversation with a third party after your departure, a "bug" can be hidden In your pocket and may be left at the scene. The bug transmits to a receiver/tape recorder setup In your nerarby parked car or carried by your associate who places himself as close to the scene of conversation as possible; outside an office, in an adjoining room, etc.

The simplest method uses two walkie talkies. Adequate ones are available for about $25 from any radio and electronics store. These units are small enough to carry in a coat pocket or may be taped to your leg. The transmit button Is laped down, and your conversation Is broadcasted to the companion unit which receives the signal and transfers It to the tape machine either by microphone or wire connection. If the walkle talkie Is too bulky to hide on your person or leave a1 the scene, a "wireless mini mike'' can be used. These units are available for $25 from security suppliers or for S14 direct from the manufacturer. These units are miniature radio transmitters that broadcast on the FM band. The "mike" should be tuned to broadcast on an unused portion of the band, ihus lessening the chance that the conversation might be monitored. The chances of being overheard are slight anyway, as the range is only about 300 feet outside and less than 100 leet II the signal must pass through the walls of a building.

After an open spot on the FM band It found and the transmitter tuned (complete instructions are included with the mike) a portable FM radio is tuned to the same frequency. The radio Is turned on and is connected to • tip« recorder with a phone jack. One and Is plugged Into the speaker outlet on the radio. The other end is plugged Into the input lack on the tape macfiine. Insert a blank 120 minute taps (60 mln./slde) and press Ihe •record" button. Prolessional surveillance people use modified cassette machines that turn very slowly, allowing about 9 hours of recording. An existing machine can be so modified by installing a rheostat switch to control Ihe speed of the motor in the tape recorder.

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