To test accuracy, rifle is tnounted on blocks as in photo above and drawing at right. A shot is fired at target; then pun is revolved 40 or 50 degrees to right and left, and another sfiot fired. All bullets should strike same spot: if they overlap, inaccuracy is indicated.



wmmmï&im block of heavy wood

Impact power of cartridges o£ various makes can be handily tested by the simple method shown here. A block of hardwood is placed on the edge of a box and bullets discharged into it from a uniform distance. Comparison is afforded by the varying distances the block will be thrown when different shells ore used.

high power

OWNEHS of rilles can put tliom through several practical tests hy Hit1 use of simple improvised apparatus.

In the test for accuracy, llic rille is set upon a pair of very accurate V-blocks, as shown in the pholo. Blocks such as are used in machine shops are ideal, if available, hul carefully cul wooden blocks will function well. These blocks are mounted on Ihe end of a board in such a way that the barrel of the gun will rest in I hem on a true axis. Blocks should he mounted as close to the center of the board as possible, in line with a target at the other end.

Mount the gun and tire a shot at the target. Twist the barrel 40 or 50 degrees, to right and left, and note the results. If the barrel is accurate, only one perfect hole should result. Overlapping edges are proof of an inaccurate gun barrel.

The power test (used by experts) requires nothing but a block of heavy wOod, placed on the edge of a box as shown. Quality of cartridges can easily be compared by tiring ditrerent makes into the block from a uniform distance, at close range, and noting the varying distances which the block is knocked by the bullet impact.

Poor ammunition is shown up in still another lest for bullet speed. A high-speed motor is set up to drive two cardboard disks, in the manner illustrated. When the disks are revolving and a bullet is fired ill right angles to their plane of rotation, it will pass through each disk, but there will be a time interval between the bullet's striking the first disk and the second one— during which time the second disk has naturally traveled farther, causing the bullet to strike it at an advanced position which can be compared by means of radial lines on the cardboard. These, of course, must be lined up before firing.

Slingshot Used as Gun by Expert Marksman

Slingshot Rifle


Two pictures ut left s/»ou> slingshot marks-rnnn s/iatlering clay pigeon. Above, the expert flicks asJtes from cigar with pellet; bcloio, taking careful aim


Accuracy with a slingshot thai rivals tricks performed with a pistol has been developed by a Tennessee marksman. Using a slingshot consisting of a forked stick and two stout rubber bands, lie shoots the ash from a cigar held in someone's moulh,

Two pictures ut left s/»ou> slingshot marks-rnnn s/iatlering clay pigeon. Above, the expert flicks asJtes from cigar with pellet; bcloio, taking careful aim hits clay pigeons thrown into the air, or lights two matches by striking them with a pebble. He makes a living partly by hunting, and boasts that he has never brought in a wounded duck since he always hits them in the head.

1940s Door Alarm


Burglar Alarm Fires Cartridge

Thieves are in for a surprise if they try to enter a door or window equipped with a new burglar alarm. The alarm fires a .32-cali-ber blank cartridge. A spring-actuated lever is released by movement of a thread, door or window, and its pointed end strikes the primer of the cartridge. Tear-gas cartridges can also be used.

HifrMen's Silenced .22 Weapon

New York

The type of gun used recently to silence so many Informers and mob dissidents would have never been used by professional gangland assassins until two years ago.

"The mob has always preferred the 9mm; the ¿8 revolver, i Baretta automatic, or a shotgun In the past" a federal source said. "What it looks like Is that some mob assassin squads have stolen a page from our spy agencies."

The ^caliber automatic was a favorite of agents of the Office of Strategic Services during World War D. It has been a long-time favorite of the CIA. Light, compact, highly accurate from close range, its one-ounce slug, when muffled by a silencer, gives a "pop-pop" noise that can barely be heard.. Made even more efficient In recent years, it has attracted the mob.

Both police and federal ballistics experts note that high-velocity ammunition can now be fired by the 22 and that hollowed-out heads, that splatter and rip apart after hitting a victim leave no traceable ballistics.

In at feast several instances In the mob purge that b believed to have been going on for the past two years hollowed-out copper ; heads were used, but most of the hit victims have left a ballistics trail In New Jersey and New York, for example, the murders of two men have been traced to the same, but unrecovered weapon

The interest of the mob and others in the 22 as a murder weapon was recently exemplified by the conviction of George Nathaniel Garrett in Miami Garrett, an associate of a Carmine Galente crime family soldier, had been peddling do-it-yourself assassination kits for 9600 apiece.

The kits included a Lugertype automatic 22, a silencer, and an attache case through which the gun could be. fired: a pull-ring near the handle that, when tugged, automat ically fired a clip of eight to tm rounds with deadly accuracy.

Garrett was arrested in October by undercover agents of the federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire arms bureau bpt not before undetermined number of t£e sin kits were believed »old to the mob.

Garrett, however, was only a minor source of the weapons. Variations of the gun can be bought through gun stores around the nation, in Mexico or from foreign sources, and many gun buffs have similar weapons for target practice. "Its value is in its compactness, lightness, high velocity, accuracy and availability/* a polka source »id.

A silencer cannot be bought it a gun store, but there are mob gunsmiths available, willing and able to provide them at from fffi to 1200 depending on quality.

Improvised Silencer


This system would be better, as the button would allow you to control the number of shots lired. Send us a photo if anyone builds one that works.


This system would be better, as the button would allow you to control the number of shots lired. Send us a photo if anyone builds one that works.

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