Bicycle Generator Power Source


1: Tie a 4 to 6 foot (1 meter) length of cord to the grenade. Be sure that the rope will not prevent the grenade handle from coming off.



A 6 volt, 3 watt bicycle generator will set off one or two blasting caps (connected in series) or an igniter.


Bicycle generator (6 volts, 3 watt)

Copper wire



Note: If improvised grenade is used, tie cord around grenade near the end cap. Tape in place if necessary.

2. Tie a large knot in the other end of the cord for use as a handle. coatin& from both cnds of 2 c0|5pcr wires. Scrape ends with knife

3. Carefully remove safety pin from until metal ls shiny' grenade, holding safety lever in place. Enlarge safety pin hole with point of knife, awl, or drill so that safety fuse will pass through hole.

Safety Fuse

4. Insert safety fuse in hole. Be sure that safety fuse is long enough to provide a 10 second or more time * delay. Slowly release safety lever to make sure fuse holds safety lever in place.

Safety Fuse

2. Connect the end of one wire to the generator terminal.

To Blasting Cap or Squib

3. Attach the end of the second wire to generator case. This wire may be wrapped around a convenient projection, taped, or simply held against the case with the hand.


Drive Wheel



NOTE: Tht F and O or C terminals may not be labeled; In this case, connect wires aa shown. The F terminal la usually smaller in size than the C or O terminal.

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