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a stronger recoil spring to insure reliabi1i ty.

All that is left is to install the new shoulder stock, give the whole thing a good safety test and you're in business!

The Sauer M-38 is even easier to alter than the Colt. Start by stripy-ping the gun. The Sauer is stripped by pulling down the latch in the trigger guard, then pulling the slide all the way back and up, then letting it go forward off the frame. Then remove the grips.

To start the conversion, remove the trigger bar (see drawing) by gently prying out of the frame.

Then locate the hump on the outside of the bar that acts as a disconnector by fitting into a cutout in the slide. This hump must be filed down until it no longer makes the contact with the slide.

There is a pin at the front of the barrel mount that locks the barrel in place. Remove this pin by carefully driving out with a hammer and punch. Then gently heat the barrel with a propane torch or soldering gun or iron until it can be pulled free. Your new long barrel is installed by first tinning the barrel (heating until a thin layer of solder adheres) then inserting Into the barrel mount. Then replace the pin and heat to melt solder.

The beauty of this type of barrel mount Is that since the barrel is solidly fixed, you can mount just a-bout anything on the end (such as a silencer), just be sure it is removable so you can strip to clean.

To reinstall the trigger bar, simply insert the round lug at the front Into the trigger,making sure

Modified Sauer M38

that the trigger spring end that is facing to the rear gets placed over the pin in the trigger bar.

When you have re-assembled your pistol, attached your shoulder stock, inserted the long magazine, and test fired, you have the poor man's MAC 11.

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