By Todd W

Anyone who has read The Poor Han's James Bond knows some thing about dynamite. The section on p.6 of the PMJ8 has some good Information on dynamite, however, the part about storage of this high explosive is rather vague, and also somewhat Incorrect.

Contrary to what Is written in the PNJB, gelatin dynamite CAN leak nitroglycerine Just like the sawdust-clay type dynamite. Last year, a friend of mine, who is a road construction contractor and uses dynamite In his work, began a series of experiments on storing dynamite. He experimented with gelatin dynamite by storing It In different places to find out if It would'leak nitroglycerine. Two sticks of gelatin dynamite were stored in his workshop at room temperature. After eight months, some nitroglycerine had leaked out of both sticks and the milk carton that Chey were stared in had quite a bit of the unstable liquid in the bottom of it.

Another two sticks of gelatin were stored in a cool place under his workshop. After eight months, the nitroglycerine had ju$t started to seep through the seams in the paper wrapping on the outside of the sticks.

The third group was stored under the workshop In a cool spot, laid out on a piece of plywood. Once a month, he simply rolled each stick over 180 degrees.After twelve months the dynamite was just like new; no leakage at all.

After his experiment was complete, I asked my friend how to safely store dynbmite and what happens to dynamite when it becomes unstable. I found out that the more dynamite is handled, the more unstable it becomes. One Important thing about dynamite that has leaked and become unstable Is that the explosive power Is greatly reduced.

If you are going to store dynamite, a good Idea is to store it in a cool place and turn it over once a month. It will take more than a month to start leaking, but It Is better to be safe than sorry. Also it is a good idea to store It in a leak proof carton, such as a milk carton, so that In case it does leak, the nltro will be contained and it won't run out alI over the place.

Disposing of unstable dynamite ts a problem that has to be faced if you are careless about storing it. There is no safe way to dispose of it, but a good idea Is to carry it very carefully awaf from all buildings and then get clear of the area and set it off under a pile of newspapers. If you do this, it Is very likely that the newspapers will catch on fire, so you should be prepared to douse the fire. If you do not want to blow it up,you can burn it.Burning dynamite is very dangerous because If you bump it or give it any kind of a jolt while It is burning, it will most likely blow up.

Unstable dynamite is very tricky and dangerous, so if you store It right in the first place, you won't have to worry about it. And, when someone tells you that gelatin dynamites don't 1 eak n1troglycer Ine,you wl 11 know the facts. ^


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