Capchur Sol Immobilizing Drug

Cap-Chur Sot is the most rapid actms immobilizer available. Total immobilization usually occurs in from 2 to 10 minutes. Dizziness and lack of visual coordination may occur in as short a time as 30 seconds so that the animal will normally not move far after injection. Best results are usually obtained by mak-ins ihe injection in the muscular area of the hindquarters on larger animals. The dosases prescribed are for intramuscular or intraperitoneal Injection.

Cap-Chur Sol contains nicotine alkaloids and is a poison. It is designed for intramuscular injection and should not be administered orally.


The approximate correct dosase should be administered to an animal at one time. One injection of Cap-Chur Sol tends to induce a resistance to a second given very shortly after, or in some cases the second may induce a fatal reaciion. 48 hours should lapse before a second injection.

Animals, just as humans, vary in their reaction to any drus. Consequently, caution must always be exercised.

This drus >s offered in a wide range of concentrations in terms of milligrams per cc of the fluid, and this is then related lo the weight of animals to be in|«cted. A icc dose is used on small aniauls such as dogs, and Icc on cattle and other large animals.

Cap-Chur Sol is effective on most animals, both wild and domestic. However, it SHOULD NOT K USED ON HOGS Ot CATS.

The following Cap-Chur Sol dosages are offered as a general guide for sse on animals for which we do not list specific concentrations for varying body weights.

Dosage in milligrams per pound of body weight:

Dogs 2 to 4 Sheep 2 to 4

Cattle 1 to 2 Goats 2 to 4

Deer 3 to 4

CAP-CHU* SOL - STOCK SOLUTIONS 30cc bottle - Sh. wt. 4 02.

C4812N 200m i per cc 4.00 CttHN tOOmg per cc 1-00

CM13N 300mg per cc 5 00 CÍB17N BOOmg per cc 9.M

CSB14N 400mg per cc 4 00 CM1SN 1000mg per cc 10.01

There is no antidote for Cap-Char Sol; however, Hydrocortisone Acetate may be used -to relieve some of the shock and stress resulting from an injection. The recommended application is 50 milligrams per 100 lbs. of body weight.

Under certain circumstances an animal may be adversely afr fected by the Cap-Ch«* Sol drug. It must be remembered that the administration of any drug can be dangerous. for example, animals or humans occasionally react unfavorably to most any drug. But in general ihere is far less danger and stress on the animal, less cost and less danger to the operator with the use of Cap-Cbur equipment than any form of mechanical restraint such as roping.


Made of .polypropylene, a nontoxic plastic* compatible with all known medications. Sterile Monoject needles and syringes are ready for use anywhere, and can be autoclaved in their sealed polypropylene containers.Capacity 3cc.Gauge k length 20 x 1". Graduation 1/I0cc. Minims.

C4124N Per 100 B10.4S

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