Co M B At Pisto L T A R G Et

By Clyde Barrow

Pictured Is a diagram of an excellent target to use when practicing defensive shooting with a pistol. A wide black felt tip pen is used to lay out several targets on 18 inch X 30 inch pieces of corrugated cardboard, following the measurements given in the drawing.

These targets are hung from a piece ot clothesline about 25 yards from the shooter. The silhouettes may be used singularly, in groups of two or three, or even more if you anticipate a gun fight with a band of desparados.

Any hit in the 10 inch circle is a score, as this is the area containing the majority of the vital organs of the human bedy. .

After each round of shooting, bullet holes can be repaired with pieces of masking tape and the lines touched up with a felt pen.

The diagonal lines increase the visibility of the target in poor light, and unlike the solid black of conventional targets, each hit can be easily seen, even several feet from the target.

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