Command Post

Place your manually detonated mines in spots that can be readily identified by you. If you put one in a tree stump, run the string into your command post, put a little tag on the pulling end that says 'tree stump'. If you have a big project like a long wall that you want to dot with mines, put numbers on the wall facing you and tag your strings accordingly. By doing this, you just sit back and wait for someone to take his position, and then finish him off. If you are being stormed, pull all the strings at once. * * *

Command Post

Contact Mine by f.b.

k. Remove the slug from the bullet. Insert a light wad of paper Into the cartridge so the gunpowder does not run out. Invert the cartridge and Insert It In the tube.

5. Cut a hole In the buffer that will be used to separate the explosive from the shrapnel.

6. Take the 6"' tube and cut 1/2" of one end away so that only k thin pieces of metal remain. Insert It over the detonator housing and secure It In place with glue or some other adhesive.

7. Fill the mine with explosive, slide the buffer over the tube, secure It, and fill with shrapnel.

8. Cut a hole In the mine cover, placing it over the tube so that a-bout 1/2" of the tube extends above the mine.

9. Seal any spaces between the mine cover and tube with an aerosol sealant to keep moisture out. Do the same to all corners and cracks.

10*. To arm the mine, carefully slide the plunger Into the tube so that the nail Is about 1/8M from the cartridge primer.

II. Carefully place a plastic bag over the plunger and secure It to the tube with a rubber band to keep water and dirt out. Then take the rest of the bag and slip it over the mine and tie it around. This will provide further resistance to the elements.



1. One Bullet

2. Nails

3. One 1" metal tube that will snugly hold the bullet.

h. One lightweight spring about l" diameter.

5. One 6" length of broomstick.

6. One circular piece of wood 2M diameter.

7. One metal tube, about long, diameter being wide enough to allow the broomstick to pass through.

8. Glue, solder, and aerosol spray sealant.

3. Large plastic bag.

I: Nail the circular piece of wood to one end of the broomstick. Drill a hole In the other end. Insert a nail into the hole, point showing, and glue it firmly In place. Slip the spring over It. This is the plunger.

2. Drill several holes In the side of the small metal tube, l/V from the end. This Is the detonator hous Ing.

3- Solder the detonator housing to the bottom mid-section of your mine drilled holes down.

O shrapnelS^

broomstick buffer

Detonator Housing flash escapes through holes bullet stops here

6" tube with most of bottom removed-Insert over housing to a modern facility and to give the defender more time to escape.

any convenient size, and has a number of long nails or spikes driven through it. A most typical size is a board of about 3/^" thickness and about I ft. square. The nails should be spaced about 2 to 3 Inches apart, and have the points sharpened after being driven through the board.Fig.1

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