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Sturdy wooden board Wire


1. * Place knife on board. Drive 2 nails into board on each side of knife handle so knife is held in place.

2. Drive one nail into board so that it touches blade of knife near the point.

3. Attach rope to knife. Place rope across path. Apply tension to rope, pulling knife blade away from nail slightly. Tie rope to tree, bush, or stake.

4. Drive another nail into board near the tip of the knife blade as shown below. Connect the two nails with a piece of conducting wire. Nail should be positioned so that it will contact the second nail when blade is pulled about 1 inch (2-1/2 cm) to the side.

Wires to

Tripcord in Tension

NOTE: Check position of nails to knife blsde. The nails should be placed so that the knife blade will contact either one when the rope is pulled or released.


Attach one wire from firing circuit to one of the nails and the other to the knife blade. The circuit will be completed when the tripcord is pulled or released.

Section VII 12(6 No. 8

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